Saturday, 4 April 2015

Utoken Future

U-token future

If, for whatever reason, you can not or do not want to spend the full amount ($575 for the 1STAR or $1150 for the 2STAR), we have a co-op program that will allow anyone to begin this program with as little as $7 (or any multiple of $7). FOR EXAMPLE: $7, $14, $21, $28 AND SO FORTH.

Based on the amount you sent, you will receive a percentage (or shares) for the level selected at their current market price. At this time, we only have 2 levels: 1STAR and 2STAR.

For example:

If you sent $7 for the 1STAR ($575 entry cost + $40 wiring fees), at the current price of $0.168, you will receive approx. 25 tokens for your 1 share.

We will be using $49 and below for the 1STAR. The 2STAR will be from deposits of $56 and above, OR YOU CAN SPECIFY WHICH STAR GROUP YOU WANT IN, REALIZE THAT 2STAR WILL TAKE LONGER TO BUILD. You may also send additional payments to increase your shares anytime you choose.

To join our co-op program, please send the amount (any multiple of $7) to our Paypal address. Please use option 2 (sending money to family or friends) to make sure we receive the full amount.
Before you do anything its better if you message me.
Send the money to payPal account:
Please use option 2 - I'm sending money to family or friends
(or your funds may be subjected to paypal fees and you may end up with less shares)

Then send the following info:

1. Your full name
2. Your email address
3. The amount sent and the Paypal Transaction ID
4. The level (1STAR or 2STAR)

 As soon as we reach the amount, $575 for the 1STAR or $1150 for the 2STAR, we will create the account with UToken immediately and assign the shares to all members in the account. For security reasons, we will manage the account for the members. Each member will receive a periodic report concerning the status of the account.

You may sell your shares to another member (at any time) at the current market value. We will just need a record of the sale from both seller and buyer to credit each account.

Thank you for you interest

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